Dr. Nishant S Junnarkar
Assistant Professor-Microbiology (GES Class- 2)
Gujarat Arts & Science College, 
Nr. Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006
Gujarat (India)


Welcome to Dr. Nishant S. Junnarkar’s MicroKosmos Blog for learning Microbiology and allied areas of Life Sciences!

The main objective of this site is to promote Microbiology learning in a simple way. At the UG level in Gujarat State Universities and affiliated Colleges, many students opt for Microbiology as the principal subject. And a majority of these students enter this course after having studied in the Gujarati medium at Higher Secondary level. Microbiology course is taught in English all over the Gujarat State and hence, such students initially find difficulty in learning microbiology as all the study materials and reference books are also available in English only. Moreover, they have to opt for the English language for University Exams.

This site is for such learners who are at beginners’ level in B.Sc. Microbiology course. On this site, you will find some useful video lectures which are mainly prepared for UG Microbiology students. Regular blogs appear on the MicroKosmos blog page where you will find the information and updates related to these fields. In addition to this, information regarding advertisements and updates on competitive exams in the field of Life-Sciences would be shared here. MicroKosmos is the community of Microbiology and allied Life-Sciences subject learners. Also on the You-Tube channel-MicroKosmos, (which will be launched soon), you will find tutorials on the Life Sciences topics, from which the questions are mostly asked in the competitive examinations like CSIR-UGC NET, DBT-JRF BET, ICMR-JRF, GAT-B, TIFR, IIT-JAM, etc.

Happy Learning!

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